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Georgia Allan (Registered Midwife)

My name is Georgia and I moved to One to One Midwives in 2017. 

Practising as a caseloading midwife has enabled me to hone my skills in providing full continuity of carer to both high and low risk women. Continuity with women and their families meant we could form a more trusting bond than standard midwifery care. Supporting women in the transition to become mothers and being present at their births and continuing to care for them postnatally was the highlight of my role. 

I am passionate about advocating for women’s rights throughout their pregnancy, in particular place of birth and intrapartum care. I strongly believe in respecting women’s autonomy and all informed decisions they make for their pregnancy and birth. 

After the unexpected closure of One to One I transitioned to an Independent Midwife in order to continue to provide the safe, individualised, gold standard caseloading care all women and their families deserve. 


About US

Sheridan Thomas (Registered Midwife)

After working as a case loading midwife within an NHS commissioned service, I transitioned into independent midwifery in order to continue to offer a truly individualised service through a case loading model of care.

I have cared for many women in challenging situations whereby their care has fallen outside of hospital policy, and therefore have become accustomed to fighting for their rights to autonomy over their own health. These experiences have shaped my practice and through it, I have become extremely passionate about women’s health rights and their right to compassionate care, despite what their health decisions may be. 

I was recognised as woman’s advocate of the year for One to One Midwives (2018) and this was awarded based on my reputation for supporting women to achieve agency and autonomy over their own health. More recently, I was awarded Most Inspiring Researcher at the Normal Labour and Birth Conference (2019) for care provision for a woman who declined induction of labour and who's pregnancy proceeded to 45 weeks gestation.

I believe that despite what choices women may choose, they deserve their voices to be heard and for their health providers to support their wishes through providing compassionate and clinically excellent care.